IT legal assistance

IT legal assistance

With the idea of a contemporary legal service tailored to the needs, reality and expectations of our clients - we have created an out-of-the-box legal service as simple as the law allows, accessibly stated, solving the craziest problems of its clients on the fly. Knowing the nature of our clients' needs - out of the box, crazy and always chasing a deadline - we help quickly find the best solutions, taking care of every aspect of the projects we conduct.

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Prawo autorskie

Copyrights are the most important rights of any artist, graphic designer, writer, musician, inventor or any other creator. We help you protect them, advise you on how not to infringe and support you in resolving disputes that arise.

In particular, we handle the cases described below, but due to the very broad scope of copyright, these are only examples of the types of cases.

  • Negotiation and drafting of license and copyright transfer agreements
  • Develop a copyright management strategy
  • Recovery of copyright claims
  • Protection of author's personal and property rights
  • Image commercialization, contracts with actors and models
  • Representation in pre-court and court disputes in cases of copyright infringement
  • Consulting on advertising campaigns
  • Support in legal relations with collecting societies
  • Support for publishing activities, publishing and related contracts


The owners of many websites and online stores dream nightmares at night starring the OCCP and GIODO. Take advantage of our comprehensive service that will bring your online business into compliance with legal requirements.

We will help all those operating in e-commerce in particular:

  • Drawing up regulations of websites and online stores
  • Resolving disputes with contractors and customers
  • Implement data protection procedures
  • Drawing up a privacy and cookie policy
  • Adapting the business already conducted over the Internet to current legal requirements
  • Legal services for contests, promotions and lotteries

Data protection

Data protection is a burning topic, not only in online business, but any other business. Often we violate the law without even knowing that we are processing personal data.

Caring about the personal data of our clients, and thus their customers and clients, we have prepared a comprehensive package of services related to the protection of personal data.

  • Data protection audit
  • Alignment of data protection procedures with legal requirements
  • Development of Information Security Policy and Information System Management Instruction documents
  • Development of all records required by law
  • Training for employees
  • Acting as an Information Security Administrator
  • Preparation of personal data processing entrustment agreements

Trademarks, industrial designs

The highest form of protection for the creations of the creative industries is the protection of trademarks, industrial designs and patents. We will advise on how not to infringe, how to protect and how to fight infringements.

We also cooperate with a patent attorney in providing services in this area.

  • Registration of trademarks, industrial designs and patents, in national, Community and international procedures
  • Examination of registrability of marks, designs and patents
  • Conducting cases on infringement of exclusive rights
  • Investigation of claims for infringements of exclusive rights
  • Drawing up contracts related to trade marks, designs and patents
  • Protection of reputable trademarks
  • Brand protection and combating unfair competition